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Union Acitivity or not, you need to educate your workforce about unions or the union will.  Labor Educators can help you maintain a union free workplace. 
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WHO WE ARE- Labor Educators is a cost effective, multi industry, union avoidance firm made up of former union officials, HR professionals, and labor relations consultants. Labor Educators provides you with customized union avoidance education programs designed to enlighten your workforce about the realities of unionism while promoting positive labor relations.

WHAT WE DO- Labor Educators can help you stay one step ahead of the union. Our employee education programs counter the emotion and hype of the union message by accurately informing them about labor laws, union constitution and bylaws, the realities of collective bargaining, and what unions can and cannot do. We obliterate the myth of being “protected by the union” and demonstrate to the workforce that union promises are just too good to be true. Our former union officials show workers the “REAL” union and help you manage an effective counter campaign that will expose the unions tactics and lies.

WHY LABOR EDUCATORS? Unions can destroy employee morale, decrease production, and can create a multitude of other workplace issues. No employer wants a union, but shockingly few do anything to prevent it. Most employers have NO PLAN to deal with a union campaign in the workplace. Do you?
Management often believes that they can “never be unionized” and that “our workers won’t vote for a union”. The fact is almost every employer that faces a union campaign in the workplace never sees it coming. Educating your employees is one of the smartest moves you can make and will help to ensure a workplace free from union interference. That's WHY you need

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